Our key to providing you with precision begins with our employees. Our highly trained opticians and operators are using a variety of different lens polishing compounds and advanced techniques to polish components in any quantity you need. Our cutting edge machinery and investment in technologies allows our operators to provide you with components up to 18 inches in diameter, with additional optical lens polishing capabilities that can provide surface flatness to 1/20 wave P-V @ 632.8nm, with parallelism < 1 arc second. Our surface roughness quality can also be extremely low angstrom—so ask us about your next low angstrom project.

Some of our customers require additional finishing, such as polished edges and bevels, and ULC has stepped up to the challenge, developing custom equipment and processes for keeping costs as low as possible for these types of projects. When we focus on continuous improvement, our customers win in the end.

Our newest capability includes our MRF finishing, a newer technology that involves polishing slurry being magnetically controlled in real time—the finished product meeting or exceeding specifications. Read more about the benefits of the Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF) process.

To ensure each product meets customer specifications, components are tested using state-of-the-art interferometers, polarimeters, autocollimators and many other optical gaging instruments where appropriate. Check out our quality information and click here to contact us for a quote.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer of optics we have been providing a variety of lens polishing services for close to 50 years now. We are the go to polishing manufacturer. Contact us anytime to discuss the needs of your next project.

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