The Benefits of Laser Debris Shields

Over the decades, rapid advancements in laser technology have led to the proliferation of laser products in the commercial and industrial markets. Laser equipment provides manufacturers with notable capabilities; however, laser optical components are very sensitive and prone to frequent damage. Processes such as laser welding, cutting, and drilling can take a toll on your equipment. To combat […]

The Annealing Process for Glass Material

The annealing process is critical to the durability of glass. Among the variety of issues for improperly annealed glass is the probability of the glass to crack or shatter from just a slight temperature change. When glass is not annealed correctly, the thermal stress can significantly decrease the overall strength of the glass. The Annealing […]

Coating Inspection

Thin Film Coating Methods: Ion-Assisted Deposition

United Lens Company (ULC) has been a leading manufacturer of optics since our founding 100 years ago. Today, ULC is one of the optical industry’s only vertically integrated companies. We offer a range of services, including a number of optical manufacturing processes performed in our Class 1000 Cleanroom. Thin Film Coating at ULC Depending on […]

ULC’s Guide to Custom Hand Molding

At United Lens Company, we are proud to offer consumers our unparalleled hand-molding services. Our experienced molders are dedicated to ensuring that customers receive only the finest industry-compliant glass molds available. The optical industry calls for intricate and specific requirements, ranging from complexly made compact specs to quick, convenient shipping and delivery. As the world’s […]

ULC’s Guide to Precision Machining

At United Lens Company, we offer precision machining services for optics. We have the capacity to produce a variety of different optical shapes, including cylindrical, flat, prism, spherical, and rectangular optics, as well as asymmetrical and uniquely shaped optics. We machine several different optical materials including fused silica, fused quartz, ceramic, optical glass, filter glass, and low expansion […]

ULC’s Guide to Optical Polishing

United Lens Company (ULC) is a one-stop solution for polishing, grinding, and finishing custom optics. We boast high speed polishing capabilities for single sided, double sided, spherical, and cylindrical lenses on a range of different materials, including fused silica, fused quartz, ceramic, optical glass, filter glass, and low expansion glass, including Zerdur®, ULE®, Borofloat®, and […]