History of ULC


The First 25 Years

 Fileno DiGregorio

1916: Fileno DiGregorio and brother Sabatino founded United Lens with only $450 in starting capital, by renting space in a machine shop and molding lens blanks with just one furnace

The United Lens Company

1934: United Lens became incorporated.

1936: Fileno’s son-in-law Anthony Deterando joined the business, as the Vice President of United Lens.

1939: WWII began, United Lens was called upon by the US government to supply lens blank elements for military instruments being developed.

Fileno’s sons Albert, Richard, Raymond, and Ronald joined the business.

1941: United Lens celebrates their 25th year of business.



Half a Century

1950: Albert DiGregorio became Plant Superintendent.

1953: Richard DiGregorio was promoted to Plant Manager.

1960: On September 10th, United Lens caught fire.

Albert DiGregorio became General Manger.

1963: Fileno met with Pope Paul VI.

1964: Fileno was awarded the “Man of the Year” award by the Don Orion Home in East Boston.

1965: Albert DiGregorio became Executive Vice President.

Anthony Deterando became Assistant to the President.

1966: United Lens celebrates their 50th year of business.



75 Years of ULC

1969: Apollo 11 lands on the moon transmitting pictures back to Earth through a lens made from United Lens blanks.

1970: United Lens began making sagged blanks.

1972: Fileno received a Commendation from President Nixon and the Distinguished Citizen Award from Governor Sargent of Massachusetts.

1973: United Lens began grinding and polishing flat lenses as well as providing thin film coatings.

1975: Fileno celebrates his 90th birthday with a party thrown inside the plant with all of his employees. Fileno was honored by his business associates in the glass industry as well receiving special gifts to mark this important mile stone from Corning Glass Works and Schott Optical Glass, Inc. Among the many cards, telegrams, and letters of congratulations were a special citation from former Governor Sargent and a letter from President Ford.

1978: UL West opens in Anaheim, CA stocking fine annealed glass and providing various machining on the STC, ID saws, Edgers, and milling machines.

Richard DiGregorio gets promoted to Vice President.

Anthony Deterando passed away.

1980:  Fileno DiGregorio passes away at 95 years of age. Fileno’s son Albert DiGregorio becomes the President and Treasurer of United Lens and continues to carry on the family business.

1982: United Lens agrees to acquire the assets of Universal Blank Co.

The Service Center opened.

1983: UL West closed.


The Centennial

1997: With the amount of work United Lens was now processing each day they began to be known for their speedy 1 week deliveries, and as a motivating reminder the United Lens mascot “Speedy” the dog hung and still does today inside our Service Center.

2003: Albert DiGregorio becomes President, Chairman, and CEO.

2009: Albert DiGregorio retired.

2010: Albert DiGregorio passed away.

William Lannon was promoted to CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board.

Maxwell Lannon began working full time at United Lens and was promoted to a Coating Technician.

Tara (Lannon) King made the decision to bring all the sales offices in each department together as one, so the company could work together more cohesively.

ULC Centennial Logo

2016: United Lens Celebrates its 100th Year in Business.