Aerospace Industry

United Lens Company provides custom optics in support of the Aerospace industry.  Whether commercial or defense-related, our expertise with source inspections, export control, and rigorous quality standards set forth for these critical components is reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.




Metrology is a demanding science, which requires the highest degree of technical proficiency and attention to detail. Through the use of advanced equipment, the ULC team ensures customers receive precision optics products that deliver reliable performance.

  • Interferometers are used to extract precise information from different electromagnetic waves via superimposition.
  • With surface roughness analyzer equipment, we are able to understand the most intricate internal componentry.
  • Our spectrophotometers allow us to closely examine the electromagnetic spectra, via measurements of absorbed or reflected light. We also utilize automated optical vision scopes, which provide a consistent flow of self-correcting lines of vision.

ULC employs state-of-the-art metrology including interferometers, surface roughness analyzers, automated optical vision scopes, environmental chambers, spectrophotometers and more.  All testing and certifications are performed in-house.  In addition, inspection data and AS9100 documentation is available per customer request.

Available products include:

  • Lens Blanks
  • Beamsplitters
  • Prism Blanks
  • Laser Optics