Laser Industry

United Lens Company  supplies the laser industry with machined flow tubes, spacer cavities, laser windows, debris shields, high damage threshold reflectors, and much more.  Laser mirrors have been independently tested to withstand over 30J/cm(2) at 1070nm and both the substrate and coating specifications are individually tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.  Whether continuous wave or pulsed, ULC has a solution for your application.

ULC employs state-of-the-art metrology including interferometers, surface roughness analyzers, automated optical vision scopes, environmental chambers, spectrophotometers and more.  All testing and certifications are performed in-house.




In the field of science, lasers are often utilized with interferometric techniques like spectroscopy, sensing, holographic execution, geology, and seismology. Lasers are also called upon in the medical and military industries for processes that include laser cutting, welding, marking and others.

When employing the use of laser equipment, there are always safety concerns. ULC’s debris shields help ease these concerns by protecting your equipment from errant contaminants. Additionally, our specialized debris shields can prolong the service life of your laser products.

There are several considerations to make for laser products, regardless of the specific industry. Each application needs high-quality, dependable products to be successful. Before starting your next project, be sure to consult ULC—we’re a One Stop Solution for your product needs.

As laser technology continues to grow in popularity and in a larger multitude of capabilities, having access to an innovative supplier such as ULC will help your company achieve its desired results. Be sure to contact ULC for all your company’s laser accessory needs.