Optical Quartz Properties

ULC stocks Fused Quartz from the major manufacturers in all grades and specifications. We are equipped to provide blanks in most any configuration using our material or yours. All fused quartz offered by United Lens is certified by the manufacturers.

Types of Fused Quartz Stocked by United Lens Company

  • Optical
  • Commercial


  • NSG-N


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The Tosoh Quartz Group is a global supplier of natural and synthetic fused quartz and fused silica, commonly referred to as Quartz. Tosoh Corporation, Tosoh SGM Corporation and Tosoh SGM USA, Inc. supply a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. The main N grade is excelling in its low bubble content, while the OP grade opaque (non-transparent) quartz material is recognized as unique in its field.

Materials Description
N Fused from the internationally recognized lOTA powder with oxy-hydrogen flames, resulting in low bubble content. A high-purity "NP" grade and a window-specific "OZ" grade are also available.
OP Fused opaque quartz has excellent IR heat blocking characteristics. A tight distribution of very small bubbles produces a dense pure-white opaque material and subsequently excellent achievable surface finishes. OP fused from a higher-purity raw material is also available.
Synthetic A high-grade synthetic silica "ES" grade with virtually no bubbles or inclusions, extreme high-purity, and excellent ultraviolet transmission. The "ED" grade manufactured by VAD process and a low-OH type variation called "ED-C" are also available.

Special Properties

  • Low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion)
  • Enormous operating temperature range
  • UV-Quality glass (high ultraviolet light transmission)
  • High temperature shock resistivity
  • Pure material quality
  • Low fluorescence glass

Typical Applications

  • UV-quality quartz glass components
  • Highest temperature applications
  • Optical quartz glass window
  • Optical quartz glass substrate
  • Quartz
  • Space technology
  • glass cover slips
  • Low thermal expansion SiO2 windows
  • Measurement technologies
  • Quartz glass microscope slides