High Power Laser Mirror

High Power Laser Mirrors - YHR1-1037

United Lens Company’s laser mirrors offer high performance at an affordable price. Details of our laser mirrors include:

  • High Damage Thresholds: Each batch of mirrors is checked by a third party test facility for damage threshold compliance.
  • High Reflectivity: All laser mirrors are verified for absolute reflection on our state-of-the-art, calibration maintained spectrophotometers.
  • Clean Packaging: To minimize contamination, the mirrors are packaged in PET-G containers inside a Class 100 HEPA filtered air flow booth.

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Additional information
SKU: YHR1-1037-0
Material: UV Grade Fused Silica
Diameter Size: 25.40mm
Thickness Size: 9.53mm
Angle of Incidence (AOI):
Reflectivity: R > 99.8%
Damage Threshold - Pulsed: 25 J/cm², 20 nsec 20 Hz @ 1064 nm
Damage Threshold - CW: 50 MW/cm² @ 1064 nm
Flatness After Coating, Side 1: < 2 waves @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality, Side 1: 10/5
Surface Quality, Side 2: Commercial
Clear Aperture: 85% Minimum
Wedge: < 30 Arc Seconds
Adhesion and Durability: Per Mil-PRF-13830B


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