Light Weighted Mirror Blank


United Lens Company’s test plates and mirror blanks are provided to our customers as either hand crafted molded blanks or precision machined cut blanks.

The development of this light weighted mirror blank, known as the Webback, was designed and proven to reduce the weight of a large telescope mirror by nearly 40%. The design works effectively to reduce the weight of any front surface mirror blank or other large glass molding, up to 20″ in diameter. Further details of our mirror blanks include:

  • They are manufactured in-house by our highly skilled molders and machinists from in-stock raw materials.
  • We also offer additional services to provide one (1) side ground or curve generated. Contact us today to learn more and receive specialized pricing for further customized services.

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Additional information
Material: Borofloat 33 / Supremax 33
Diameter: 412.75mm
Thickness: 83.82mm
R1: Plano
R2: Plano


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