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SF57HTultra Witness Sample

Witness Samples

United Lens Company’s complete line of optical witness samples are ideal to use as test pieces for a variety of environmental testing requirements and measuring coatings for spectral performance. They are a cost-effective, high quality choice, made in America at an affordable price. We manufacture witness samples in a variety of 185+ materials, making it a conveniently available choice when the same material type is required for your test piece as your finished substrate. Characteristics of our witness samples include:

  • Laser Etched Part Number: Each witness sample has its ULC part number laser etched on the outer diameter for traceability and material type identification.
  • Inspected per MIL-PRF-13830B: All samples are inspected for surface quality compliance.

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Additional information
SKU: UL-WS-164
Material: SF57HTultra
Type of Material: Optical Glass
Refractive Index Range: 1.800 and Higher
Diameter: 25.00mm
Thickness: 3.00mm
Flatness: < 1 wave @632.8nm
Surface Quality: 60/40
Chamfer: Protective Break Edge
Clear Aperture: 80% Minimum


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