Refractive Index:
1.600 – 1.699


ULC witness samples come with a Refractive Index (Nd) of 1.400 and higher. They are made in America, offering high quality at an affordable price. Characteristics of our witness samples include:

  • Many Popular Glass Types: Select from a large assortment of the most popular glass types.
  • Laser Etched Part Number: No more problems identifying material. The part number is laser etched on the edge and can be cross-referenced to the material type.
  • Inspected per MIL-PRF-13830B: Each sample is inspected for surface quality.
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Additional information

Weight 0.03 lbs

BASF-2, DBC620603, F-2, F-3, F-4, F-4 (NHG), F-5, H-ZK5, KZFSN-4, N-BAF10, N-BAF4, N-BAF51, N-BAF52, N-BASF2, N-F2, N-KZFS11, N-KZFS5, N-LAK12, N-LAK21, N-LAK22, N-LAK7, N-LAK9, N-PSK53, N-PSK53A, N-SF15, N-SF2, N-SF5, N-SF8, N-SK10, N-SK14, N-SK16, N-SK2, N-SSK2, N-SSK5, N-SSK8, S-BAH10, S-BSM10, S-BSM14, S-BSM18, S-BSM22, S-BSM25, S-BSM28, S-BSM4, S-BSM9, S-LAL12, S-LAL13, S-LAL14, S-LAL58, S-LAL7, S-LAL9, S-NBH5, S-NBM51, S-PHM52, S-PHM53, S-TIM1, S-TIM22, S-TIM25, S-TIM28, S-TIM3, S-TIM5, S-TIM53, SF-2, SF-5, SF-8, SK-14, SK-4


25.00mm ±0.20mm


3.00mm +0.20mm/-0mm


< 1 wave @632.8nm

Surface Quality



0.50mm ±0.13mm FW x 45°

Clear Aperture

80% min