Witness Samples

Witness Samples

United Lens Company is excited to offer 1″ diameter witness samples, ready for your coating run today! We carry a complete line of standard sized optical witness samples that were built here in-house, ideal for environmental testing and spectral performance measurements. When our world-class coating technicians are preparing a custom coating run, they reach for our ready-made witness samples. They are able to start projects faster and deliver your parts sooner, because we create our own index-matched witness samples in-house.

Now, we are excited to offer these products for use in your own coating lab! We are able to run larger quantities at once to keep costs low for everyone—and we want to share that directly with you. At ULC, we understand that when our customer is successful, the niche industry we all enjoy is healthier—so we do our best to make your wins our mission.

Want to see how our witness samples are made? Check out our feature in ‘How It’s Made’, Season 23, Episode 28, and tell us what you think. This episode details our process from raw material to laser engraving the unique material ID on the edge. Check out what types of metrology our witness samples can go through on our quality pages!

Find the witness sample(s) that will work best for you by filtering by ‘Type of Material’ or ‘Refractive Index Range’. Or, use the search tool if you are looking for a specific witness sample. *Please note that you must have a cart total with a minimum of $150.00 in order to place your order.*

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