ULC Attends 2017 Pittcon Event to Be Held in Chicago

The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, also known as Pittcon, is holding its annual Conference & Expo from March 5 – 9 in Chicago, IL. This prestigious five-day event will take place in McCormick Place, North America’s largest convention center and frequent site of trade-related events.

Founded in 1950, Pittcon is a non-profit educational organization sponsored by the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP). Pittcon has organized and hosted the Conference & Expo for nearly 70 years; during its tenure, the Conference has become the most attended laboratory science event in the world.

The Pittcon Conference & Expo is a gathering place for the brightest and most inquisitive scientific minds. Conference attendees are industry professionals, teachers and students, and government officials that represent over 90 different countries. At the event, attendees will have access to a variety of live demonstrations, networking sessions, and educational workshops and lectures. Additionally, Pittcon will be awarding individuals that have made significant contributions to analytical chemistry in previous years.

Expo and Exhibitions

Each year, the Pittcon Expo showcases the latest innovations in laboratory sciences, ranging from instruments to methodologies. This year’s expo will offer thousands of presentations from over 800 different exhibitors. These industry leaders will also offer more than 100 training courses, demonstrating new analytical tools and techniques for laboratory sciences.

Another expo highlight is “Magnificent Mile” — according to Pittcon, “Magnificent Mile will engage all the senses and will be an experience that attendees won’t want to miss.” In addition to offering attendees relaxation areas and opportunities to eat, Magnificent Mile will offer various activities to participate in, such as the Lab Gauntlet, which tests the laboratory skills of those up to the challenge. Located at the center of the expo floor, Magnificent Mile also provides a giant iPad for tweeting and web browsing, LEGO Gravity Car racing, and various virtual reality experiences.

We’ll See You There

The Pittcon event attracts top-level exhibitors and attendees from across the world. These individuals are comprised of equipment manufacturers, laboratory personnel and management companies, specialized analytical testers, and many similar trade professionals. This year, United Lens Company will be among the attendees at the 2017 Pittcon Conference & Expo — we look forward to learning from other industry leaders and using that knowledge to better serve our clients.

Registration for this event is still open, so reserve your spot today. Proceeds from the Pittcon Conference & Expo are used to fund educational programs, student scholarships and internships, awards to professors and teachers, and grants for public libraries, museums, and science centers.

2017 Pittcon Award Recipients

  • The 2017 LCGC symposium that will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Pat Sandra of the Research Institute of Chromatography and the Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award to Deirdre Cabooter of Leuven University
  • The University of Pittsburgh symposium will present the 2017 Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award to Renã A S Robinson of the University of Pittsburgh for her work in proteomics, aging, and Alzheimer’s disease
  • The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh symposium will present Paul Dauenhauer, of the University of Minnesota with the 2017 Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award for his work in GC-MS and biomass
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry will host a symposium on the use of proteomics to understand the past and present and solve future global challenges. At this symposium Kirsty Penkman of the University of York, UK, will be given the 2017 Royal Society of Chemistry’s Joseph Black Award for her work on the analysis of proteins
  • The Ralph N Adams Award symposia will focus on microscale analytical chemistry and present the award to Robert T Kennedy, Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Michigan for his work in microfluidics and bioanalytical chemistry