ULC Exhibits at 2017 LASER World of Photonics Event

United Lens Company (ULC) will be among the featured exhibitors at this year’s LASER World of Photonics event. This biennial event is among the most well-known and comprehensive trade events of the photonics industry, and it will take place from June 26-29 in Munich’s International Congress Center (ICM). We are excited to showcase our latest products and services—our representatives can be found in Hall B3, Booth 536.

Since its establishment in 1973, the LASER World of Photonics Exhibition has gathered thousands of manufacturers, researchers, and consumers that represent over 70 different nations. This unique event provides opportunities for these individuals to discuss the latest photonics technologies and products.

In 2015, the exhibition was highly successful, attracting 31,000 global visitors and raising awareness of the photonics industry as a whole. This year’s exhibition—already expected to draw even more attendees—will be covering a variety of photonics applications, which include:

  • Imaging, Illumination, and Energy
  • Optical Sensors, Communications, and Measurement systems
  • Laser Systems for Production Engineering and Security
  • Medical Engineering and Biophotonics
  • Optoelectronics and Optics Manufacturing Technology

Event exhibitors will be discussing and showcasing several notable products, including SWIR line scan detectors, scientific and industrial cameras, hyperspectral imaging filters, and other imaging solutions.

Additionally, the LASER World of Photonics Exhibition will feature Application Panels dedicated to examining practical experiences within the photonics industry. These lectures will cover a variety of topics, such as new application sectors and the market potential for groundbreaking laser and imaging technology. The exhibition will also include the following events:

  • Start-Up World, which gives international companies founded no more than five years ago the opportunity to present their latest developments to all event attendees
  • PHOTONICS Award 2017, which recognizes the top innovators within the field of optical technology
  • Make Light MAKEATHON, a new experience in which participants team up to develop new photonics solutions in the span of 24 hours

Registration for 2017 LASER World of Photonics event is available on their website.