About United Lens Company

United Lens Company has a long tradition of service to the optical industry, and our commitment is ongoing to the industry, our customers and our employees. Since our founding in 1916 by Fileno DiGregorio, ULC has been under the same continuous family ownership, becoming the only true vertically integrated company in the optical industry.

Today as the 3rd generation of family leadership starts to transition the reins into the hands of the 4th generation leaders, we continue to try and run a business that Fileno would be proud to have founded. Furthermore, a business that Fileno would be proud to share with his customers, his friends and his family, as they have always been viewed as one in the same.

As stated best by Massachusetts Italian-American War Veterans Department Commander, Joseph Bosco, when presenting Fileno with the 1959 Man of the Year Award, “By perseverance, industriousness, business acumen, sincerity and honesty, Fileno was able to pioneer the optical field to the proportions of an international industrialist. Moreover, these accomplishments and material successes are not a coveted possession of greed, but rather unselfishly and unreservedly shared with his employees, his fellow townspeople, his family and with humbleness dedicated to innumerable civic, benevolent, and philanthropic causes.” May we all strive to keep these attributes at the forefront of every decision we make.

As we continue to diversify our company profile by investing our profits back into the facility, the latest technologies, and our employees, United Lens offers customers unique benefits including increased capabilities, state-of the-art technology, and ingenuity and experience to meet requirements – no matter what they are.

Although each product, each customer and each application is different, the ULC team responds to each customer’s requirement with innovation, experience and quality.

The scope of our business will always remain diverse as the marketplace continues to expand. Our capabilities will continue to grow to meet the changing needs of our customers, because our commitment to quality and service is the same as it was when Fileno first opened his small shop in 1916. Our customers deserve nothing less.

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