Medical & Bioscience Industries

We have been manufacturing custom optics for the medical and bioscience industry for generations. We have created components for cytometry, worked with pharmaceutical companies on saliva and aerosol diagnostic devices, developed reflectors for cancer screening equipment, and made parts for endoscopic and surgical visualization machines.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, ULC was already a trusted source of diagnostic and research optics, and we were able to hit the ground running with our valued medical and bioscience customers. We are happy to be classified as an essential business so that we can continue serving our country and the world in these efforts. Contact us today to get started with your high priority COVID-19 optics.

At ULC, we are comfortable with the strict quality and durability requirements necessary for medical devices. We can supply our medical and bioscience clients with the tools they need on short notice. Our comprehension of industry testing procedures is vitally important when supporting our clients. In fact, this is what separates ULC from its competitors. We don’t compromise on the superior quality of any of our products, and we strive to maintain our forward momentum—this results in products capable of meeting patient care and research needs more proficiently.

Medical & Bioscience Industries

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