Cleaning & Packaging

All of the hard work put into producing a perfectly specified component that meets all of the customers’ requirements can be quickly rendered insignificant if the proper cleaning and packaging procedures are not considered. Manufacturing the perfect part won’t matter if it’s flawed when it arrives at the end consumer.

We are able to accommodate our customer’s packaging requirements by proactively taking steps to ensure the components are not only clean, but also appropriately protected. By means of hand washing, automated ultrasonic cleaning machines, and various inspection cleaning solutions such as acetone, as well as through the use of our state-of-the-art cleanroom and positive pressure rooms, we eliminate potential contamination of your optics until they are properly packaged for shipment.

Check out some of the more common packaging methods we employ here at ULC. Additional packaging options can also be provided. Talk to us about your special packaging requirements during the RFQ process.

Paper Envelopes

Felt Envelopes

Brown Tissue Paper

Lined Paper Envelopes

Pet-G Containers

Mylar Vacuum Sealed Bags

*Additional Fees May Apply.

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