Aerospace Industry

ULC has been servicing the aerospace industry since its inception. During World War II, United Lens Company was called upon by the United States government to begin producing lens blanks for the military industrial complex. Our blanks were used for weaponry, aerospace and defense vehicle components, and military scopes.

We continue our proud service to the aerospace industry today by providing both blanks and finished optics that have been polished and coated. Whether commercial or defense-related, our expertise with source inspections, export control and rigorous quality standards set forth for these critical components is reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are happy to serve you with American made products and services. Our attention to quality and compliance have been the key to our ability to consistently provide top notch optics for the most critical of applications.

When it really matters, the aerospace industry chooses ULC for their most critical projects. Our expertise in thin film coatings allows us to provide custom solutions to your issues such as arid, low moisture environments or temperature problems your optics might be up against. Ask us about your custom solution and available metrology options today!

United Lens Company has always held the largest variety and supply of raw glass material in the world. We maintain a large continuous stock of low expansion and fused quartz materials. Browse our inventory page or call us for more information on 7973 ULE®, ZERODUR®, 7980 Fused Silica and other substrate materials.

Aerospace Industry

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