Inspection Data

Inspection is vital to all aspects of any success. In manufacturing, consistent product, process and work environment inspection are important aspects in producing flawless components, and this certainly rings true of manufacturing in the optics industry. Happy employees in a favorable quality controlled environment produce better quality parts. Regular inspection of all equipment contributes to a smooth process, and consistent product inspection throughout each step of the process ensures only the very best quality product is being produced and passed on to customers.

Here at ULC, our team is dedicated to producing quality products and services to all of our customers. Parts are inspected multiple times throughout each manufacturing process that the component goes through, and parts are not passed on to the next step until the necessary requirements have been verified. Inspections of all variations are preformed frequently by a variety of qualified employees, such as our highly skilled machinists, the individual area lead supervisors, our official inspection and quality team members, and department managers. It has been proven that having this team of employees inspecting at different levels in the process, for different qualities, ensures a more consistent output in components that undoubtedly meet, if not exceed, all requirements. Be sure to see some of the quality assurance steps we take throughout the manufacturing process in our quality assurance gallery.

In addition to the in-process inspection measures we take, inspection data and AS9100 documentation are also available upon customer request. We can supply you with measurement data and a variety of different documentation for any quantity. Custom customer-specified documentation can also be provided upon request. Please speak with a ULC representative about custom requests when you submit your request for a quote.

Check out some of the more common inspection paperwork below, which can be provided upon request.

Certificate of Conformance (C of C)

Material Cert

Melt Data (where applicable)

Coating Scans (where applicable)


OGP Reports


Surface Roughness Data

Inspection Report AQL 2.0 Lvl II

First Article Inspection (FAI)

100% Inspection Report

Coating Environmental Test Report (Salt Fog or Temperature)

Laser Damage Threshold Testing

Thumb Drive Shipped with Product

Documents Electronically Emailed

Document Upload to Customer Portal

Paper Documents Shipped with Product

*Pricing varies based on required documentation.

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