Test Plates / Mirror Blanks

Test Plates

United Lens Company’s test plates and mirror blanks are provided to our customers as either hand crafted molded blanks or precision machined cut blanks. They are manufactured in-house by our highly skilled molders and machinists from in-stock raw materials. They are available in a variety of diameter sizes and ranging in thickness from 25.40mm to 53.98mm. Find what will work best for you by filtering by ‘Thickness’ below. *Please note that you must have a cart total with a minimum of $150.00 in order to place your order.*

We also offer additional services to provide one side ground or curve generated. Contact us today to learn more and receive specialized pricing for further customized services.

SKU: UL-22
Test Plate
Diameter: 152.40mm
Thickness: 25.40mm
SKU: UL-23
Test Plate
Diameter: 203.20mm
Thickness: 34.93mm
SKU: UL-26
Test Plate
Diameter: 254.00mm
Thickness: 44.45mm
SKU: UL-28
Test Plate
Diameter: 317.50mm
Thickness: 53.98mm

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