Astronomical Industry

Astronomy, or the study of celestial bodies and matter in space, has always been one of our cornerstones throughout the century we’ve been in business. We love to encourage curious minds by providing amateur astronomers with blanks that they can polish themselves to turn into primary or secondary mirrors for their amazing telescopes. We also enjoy working on large scale projects for observatories, universities and national laboratories. We love a good challenge and any opportunity to educate and learn.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”
– Albert Einstein

Our founder once looked forward to putting our optics on the moon, and today we can say that is a reality. Our work in astronomy is a source of pride because of the incredible people who work in astronomy. We are always excited to discuss your next project and love passion projects. From large primary mirror blanks, Cassegrain designs, and reflective secondary components, ULC can assist you with all of your optical designs.

Part of our custom-made solutions to your projects often involve discussing your thin film coating needs, which begins with knowing the exact application of the finished element. Each of our custom thin film coating solutions are carefully developed through means of very precisely curated steps until the ideal result is achieved.

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Astronomical Industry

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