ULC is DDTC registered and ITAR compliant. As a manufacturer within the United States that is engaged in the export and import of products, these things are a necessity.

ITAR, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations compliance, refers to all U.S. laws and regulations in which we follow that govern international business operations here at ULC. These laws and regulations restrict the export (or import) of products (e.g. components, parts, raw materials, hardware), technical data and/or technology (any information for the design, development, production, manufacture, assembly, operation, repair, testing, maintenance or modification of a product).

Our export control officer is in charge of maintaining ULC’s compliance with these regulations. You may be asked for additional information on the intended end use through an End User Statement at the time of your purchase. This is to determine if your product requires licensing prior to shipment.

We know that compliance of your end product is important too, so if you need special certifications or COO (Certificate of Origin) information with your shipment, please let our sales team know at the time of RFQ.

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