Stocked Optics

United Lens Company is proud to offer five distinct product lines for some of the most commonly used consumable optics in the industry. By offering these optics to you as in-stock items, we are able to take advantage of the most efficient streamlined production processes available at our facility. Manufacturing these in large quantity run sizes enables us to pass those streamlined savings off to you, our customers.

Our in-stock product offerings include witness samples, test plates / mirror blanks and laser debris shields. Take a look around our online store and you’re bound to find a solution to what you looking for. *Please note that you must have a cart total with a minimum of $150.00 in order to place your order.*

Or, if you’re searching for something custom—no problem, head over to our custom optics page, and reach out to a ULC representative when you’re ready. We’re here to help you!

Laser Debris Shields

Our laser debris shields are a durable OEM laser accessory replacement made with unrivaled quality at an affordable price. With an extremely low absorption and high damage threshold, our shields help protect and prolong the life of both CW and pulsed laser systems. All shields are verified for absolute reflection on our state-of-the-art, calibration maintained spectrophotometers. Our shields are commonly used in fiber laser machines for laser cutting and laser welding.