Why Work for ULC?

Choosing where to work and who to work with, establish a career, and building a life can be complex decisions to make. Having a job is a necessity for all—there are bills to pay, responsibilities to uphold, and there is always something that needs fixing around the house, right? Although those things may be true, the stresses in life should not be what drives you to show up for work each day.

It’s about that work/life balance you always hear other people talking about.

Browsing through our website, scrolling through our social media feeds, and clicking through other available links and articles found online will paint you a picture of what our company does, who we are and what your future might look like with us. But, don’t forget there is more to life than working for the paycheck. Work for enjoyment, work for purpose, work for happiness.

So, you may ask, “Why New England? Why Southbridge, Massachusetts?”

There is something in New England for everyone to enjoy. From the outdoor adventurers, history buffs and academic elites, to the vacation lovers, fanatic sports fans, and insatiable foodies, the New England area is a wellspring of exciting options to explore. Being right in the heart of New England, Southbridge is a quick drive from the adventure of the forests, the excitement of the city or the calm of the coast, and also offers quick access to the highway and at least 5 airports within an hour drive.

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