Laser Industry

ULC is very proud to be a valuable supplier to the dynamic, fast-growing laser industry. With the exponential technological advances of our time, lasers are becoming more critical to our everyday lives. Lasers are now found in entertainment, information processing, weapons, automotive manufacturing, and so much more. They are used to study our solar system and seismic activity here on earth. Some are powerful enough to cut steel. For years, we have supplied our partners with custom machined flow tubes, intricate spacer cavities, high damage laser reflectors, OEM replacement debris shields and more.

United Lens Company stocks large volumes of fused silica, low OH materials, low expansion materials and more to allow for rapid turnaround on manufacturing your custom laser optic components. If you need low angstrom surface roughness or polished edges and bevels, ULC is your turnkey solution for laser optics. Our high damage laser coatings have undergone third party testing and can withstand up to 30J/cm at 1070nm. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your specifications are met every time. When high energy is a factor, quality matters. ULC has been a partner in the laser market for decades and understands the multi facets of the optics involved.

Did you know that we also stock some of the more popular laser optics? Check out our high power laser mirrors and our OEM replacement debris shields. These are a great option for your prototype tests when you need something fast! Do you need volume pricing? Contact us for the best value on your order.

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Laser Industry

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