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United Lens Company is experienced in processing fiber optic components. Edging of rods for draw towers is possible in lengths up to 1000mm, with precision tolerancing of +/-100 microns. Variable surface finishes are available per customer request. ULC also polishes customer supplied faceplates.

If you break down what fiber optics encompasses, you will learn how revolutionary this technology is. When threads or fibers (either glass or plastic) are bundled together, they form a fiber optic cable. This technology is used to manipulate light waves, resulting in the ability to transmit signals across immense distances.

There are several advantages to choosing fiber optics over traditional technology. An abundance of computer data can be transmitted worldwide in a matter of minutes. Signal interference is a prime concern with metal cables, but fiber optic cables have been proven to be much more resilient. The bandwidth of fiber optics amplifies the ability to carry a larger load of data—which is why so many telephone and internet companies have switched over to fiber optics. New innovations in technology, such as 5G connectivity, continue to push telecom forward.

In the modern world of technology-driven data, the need for high-speed transmission continues to grow. The use of fiber optics greatly increases the speed and efficiency of any transmission application. The telecom industry has grown considerably with the growth of technologies like fiber optics. As the use of optical technologies becomes more widespread, the importance of offering economic advantages and flexibility becomes more apparent.

ULC has been building high volume and prototype optics for this industry for decades, and we are always looking for ways to bring value to our customers. Being located in Southbridge, MA, many prominent fiber optic companies are within driving distance. We love being able to visit with our customers as much as possible. Call us to tour our facility, or talk about quick turn and pick up options for your order!

Fiber Optics & Telecommunications

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