Test Plates and Mirror Blanks

United Lens Company (ULC) is celebrating 100 years of business, a considerable milestone. Over the past century, we lead the industry in the manufacture of precise, high quality test plates and mirror blanks.

Test plates and mirror blanks are the first step in producing industrial quality mirrors, which are most commonly found in imaging equipment, such as telescopes, microscopes, laser processing equipment and other optical devices.

High performance mirrors in sophisticated imaging and optical technologies start as blanks. They are the only way to ensure these technologies achieve the physical and optical properties demanded by their various applications: for example, low coefficient of expansion for mirrors used in sophisticated space imaging equipment, or resistance to laser damage in industrial laser processing systems.

Test plates and mirror blanks manufactured by ULC are among the highest performing and most reliable in the industry. Made in America using raw materials stocked on site, you can be sure blanks from ULC are not only high quality, but reasonably priced and expeditiously available.

Light weighted mirror blanks from ULC are made using high purity BOROFLOAT® 33/SUPREMAX® 33, and precision annealed for superior strength.

Standard stocked test plates are available in diameters ranging from 25.40mm to 406.40mm and thicknesses ranging from 19.05mm to 76.20mm. Like our mirror blanks, our test plates are manufactured with BOROFLOAT® 33/SUPREMAX® 33 and are precision annealed.

Test Plates and Mirror Blanks

Blanks from ULC

To learn more about our plates and blanks, place an order, or request a quote for a customer order, we invite you to visit our online catalog. Integrated with updated software technology, ordering with ULC is now easier and more user friendly than ever before.

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