High Power Laser Mirrors

As laser technology advances and becomes more cost effective, more and more industrial manufacturers are incorporating them into production processes. Industrial lasers today are used everywhere from the aerospace and military/defense industries to telecommunications and a variety of other industrial manufacturing sectors.

The unsung heroes of laser processing are mirrors, specifically high power laser mirrors. When used inside the resonator, or cavity, of a laser system, mirrors direct laser radiation to and through gain media, thus playing an integral role in establishing and maintaining the strength and integrity of a laser beam. When used without the resonator, laser mirrors are commonly referred to as steering mirrors—they are used to direct a generated laser beam, opening up a world of complex manufacturing capabilities.

What is a High Power Laser Mirror?

With important uses both inside and outside of the laser mechanism, laser mirrors are absolutely crucial components. As such, they must meet extremely strict criteria:

  • Low Reflection Losses: Mirrors used in a laser’s resonator, as well as outside of the laser as steering mirrors, must have extremely low reflection losses—.2% or less—so as to maintain the strength and integrity of the laser beam.
  • High Optical Quality: Laser mirrors must have high optical quality—excellent flatness, low roughness and minimal wavefront distortion—to maintain beam quality.
  • Good Resistance: To avoid being damaged under standard use, high power laser mirrors must resist high levels of optical intensity.

United Lens Company (ULC) offers two stock high power laser mirror options, a 25.40 mm model and a 50.80 mm model, designed for use as steering mirrors. Available with angles of incidence (AOI) of either 0º or 45º, our steering mirrors are highly versatile. This is particularly true in laser cutting and laser welding systems—their rapid swiveling ability and the resulting laser oscillation allows for excellent even beam distribution and dosing.

High Power Laser Mirrors at ULC

This year, ULC is celebrating 100 years of manufacturing industry-leading optical elements. Marking our milestone, we have launched a streamlined, state-of-the-art online catalog designed to make shopping and ordering easy for those who have made it all possible—our customers. Visit our online catalog today to learn more about our stock high power laser mirrors or to request a quote for a custom design.

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High Power Laser Mirrors