Thin Film Coating / Optical Lens Coating

United Lens Company has been providing thin film coating services for more than 40 years. Our home grown techniques, coupled with the latest technology and our extremely talented optical coating teams, help us achieve and prove that our coatings are some of the best in the world.

ULC’s broad range of optical coating services range from anti-reflection coatings and protected or enhanced metal mirrors consisting of 1-9 layers, to dielectric polarizers and beam splitters consisting of 60+ layers. These thin film coatings can be applied to optics up to 23″ in diameter, having various shapes and sizes, with either plano or curved surfaces, even spherical lens surfaces. Prior to coating, all optics are either cleaned in one of our automated ultrasonic cleaning systems or hand washed in our class 1000 cleaning and inspection room. Click here to learn more about our lens coating services, or fill out the form below to talk to us about your project.

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