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At United Lens Company, custom optics manufacturing is the core of our business. From our modest beginnings as a producer of custom hand molded spectacle lens blanks for the ophthalmic industry, to our now more diverse offerings of precision machined blanks, polished substrates and thin film coated optical components, the heart of our business has always been designed around our prominent ability to produce custom glass lenses.

An important part of being a custom lens manufacturer is the ability to remain versatile. Our machine shop is a critical element to our success. Providing us with the ability to machine all of our own tooling—including molding tools, polishing carriers and coating fixtures—helps cut down on our lead times to our customers while allowing us to remain in control of the quality throughout the entire process.

Some of ULC’s most interesting projects have come from the custom optics we’ve made for our own country’s military and defense industries, as well as the items we’ve distributed to commercial and industrial markets. We take pride in knowing that the world class optics we produce in our facility help protect our country and the men and women who serve it. Click here to learn more about our custom optics, or fill out the form below to talk to us about your project.

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