Medical / Bioscience Industries

At United Lens Company, we understand the diagnostic needs of the industry—ranging from different levels of disease molecular testing, to long-lasting optics with impeccable precision. The critical care diagnostic testing market is always under stringent demands, and requires products with a fast turnaround time.

With optical experience in both the medical device, as well as, diagnostic markets, ULC is well-versed in the stringent quality and durability requirements necessary for critical performance.




We can supply our medical and bioscience clients with the tools they need on short notice. Our comprehension of industry testing procedures is vitally important when supporting our clients. In fact, this is what separates ULC from its competitors. We don’t compromise on the superior quality of any of our products, and we strive to maintain our forward momentum—this results in products capable of meeting patient care and research needs more proficiently.

When it comes to equipment like endoscopic visualization systems and high-power microscopes, the absence of high-quality optics components becomes apparent very quickly. Medical and bioscience devices must be able to achieve precise, desired results on a routine basis; the slightest oversight can cause equipment failure, immediately rendering your results inadequate.

As a leading supplier of commercial and industrial optics, ULC works diligently to ensure the most ideal products for your medical or bioscience applications.

ULC’s commitment to continual investment in the right balance of equipment and raw material inventory makes us the supplier of choice for precision optics and time sensitive deliveries.

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