Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry has grown considerably with the development of innovative technologies. Telecommunication is the transmission of information over certain distances; in its earliest form hundreds of years ago, this practice involved the use of smoke signals and sounds from drums or horns. The medium was propelled forward with the advent of telegraphs and telephones, and modern telecommunications rely heavily on interconnected networks and fiber optics.

As the use of optical technologies becomes more widespread in the telecom industry, the economic advantages and flexibility these tools offer is becoming more and more important.




Industry professionals have developed many methods for exchanging data, but digital transmission has become the most dependable. With the use of optics, information is sent as pulses of light that contain electromagnetic carrier waves; the information is conveyed over greater distances through specialized optical cables. Fiber optics is widely utilized by telecommunication companies to send internet, television, and phone signals to customers across the globe.

At United Lens Company, we have manufactured telecom industry optics for nearly a century. Our range of capabilities enables us to supply fiber optic cables and other products that can meet today’s high-speed data transmission requirements.

Information is among the world’s most valued resources; our products help facilitate the fastest and clearest data transmission possible. Contact ULC today to learn how we can support your company’s telecommunication needs.