Types Of Lens Filters

ULC stocks Filter Glass from the major manufacturers in all grades and specifications. All filter glass offered by United Lens is certified by the manufacturers.

Schott Filter Glass

Schott’s range of glass filters with more than 60 types includes the following filter types in the visible wavelength range from 200 nm upwards:
Band pass filters, which allow required ranges to pass through selectively
Long pass filters, which block unwanted shorter wave ranges
Short pass filters, which block unwanted longer wave ranges
Neutral density filters, which have a virtually constant transparency especially in the visible range
Conversion filters, which due to their spectral range increase or reduce the color temperature of radiation sources

PDF View Hoya Filter Glass Information (PDF – 119KB)


Isuzu Glass offers a line of optical filters with a variety of spectral characteristics for application in opto-electronics, office automation equipment, photography, lighting, medical equipment, etc. Each filter glass, which has its own spectral characteristics, is manufactured under strict quality control and, therefore, has a minimum amount of bubbles and striae. Physically and chemically stable, the glass produced is not susceptible to the problems of aging. Isuzu filter glass contains no hazardous or prohibited substances.

Applications for the variety of filters offered include: color compensation filters for visual sensitivity, correction filters for copiers or certain industrial sensors, light density adjusting filters for optical devices, heat absorbing filters to protect objects against heat rays from light sources.

Optima Filter Glass

OPTIMA supplies a wide range of 127 filter glasses with optical wavelength from 200nm to 2000nm and the forms of supply is as follows:

  • Cut-Off Type Glass
  • Selective Absorption Type Glass
  • Neutral Type Glass
  • Band pass Filter Glass
  • Standard Block size: 6 kinds, from 170 x 170 to 55 x 55 x (40 ~ 70)T(mm) to 55sq. x (40 ~ 60)T(mm)
  • Standard Unpolished size: 2 kinds, 165 x 165 x (4 ~ 5)T(mm) and 100 x 100 x (4 ~ 5)T(mm)
  • Standard Polished size: 50 x 50 x (2 ~ 3)T(mm)
  • Specialized size and polished: coated filters are also available