Mirror Blanks For Telescopes

United Lens Company supports both the professional and amateur astronomical community.  We’ve sold classic test plate and mirror blanks for nearly as long as ULC has been in business.  Additionally, we provide high-end custom solutions including the application of durable thin film mirror and anti-reflective coatings.


Molded Telescope Primary Mirror

Telescope Ellipse

We’re also proud to report that our optics are in space and on the moon, a testament to the industry’s confidence in the quality of our products.  From large primary mirror blanks, Cassegrain designs, and reflective secondary components, ULC can assist you with all of your optical designs.

Many of our blanks are easily viewed and ordered via our online catalog.

Part of our custom-made solutions to your thin film coating needs begins with knowing the exact application of the finished element. ULC’s solutions are created in precise steps until the ideal result is achieved.

Applications that typically benefit from thin film solutions are those involving electronic semiconductors and optical coatings. Elements that require anti-reflective coatings require the use of diverse lenses and imaging equipment, which ULC has in spades.

With anti-reflection coatings, there are far less opportunities to lose necessary light while maintaining an acceptable level of contrast. These coatings are also beneficial for eliminating light reflection, which can interfere with the accuracy of telescopes, imaging equipment, and other optical devices used in the astronomical industry.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to read and assess monolayers to desired micrometer thicknesses, resulting in products of the highest quality. All testing is performed on-site by our team per various industrial regulations.