International Year of Light: Optics in Time

Light is perhaps the most essential resource of our planet. Thanks to light’s abundant power, civilizations flourish; light nurtures life and global connectivity, and it has enriched society’s understanding of medicine, entertainment and other key facets of life.

Researchers have continuously studied light through photonics, which is the science and technology of detecting and harnessing light particles called photons. Communities all over the world have embraced photonics; to further promote the benefits of photonics, UNESCO and SPIE—along with several other organizations—are supporting the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.

The International Year of Light (IYL) is a global initiative that emphasizes the importance of light and optical technologies. IYL 2015 programs are designed to provide solutions to many of society’s challenging commercial and industrial issues.

Aerospace & Astronomy
As mankind pushes the boundaries of the known universe, demand for improved optics continues to grow. Optics enabled aerospace professionals to examine the far reaches of outer space, while staying in contact with each other.

Bioscience & Medical Applications
Optics technology has improved the understanding of medical sciences. Through the manipulation of light, medical practitioners can perform precision surgeries and monitor patients’ vitals with internal x-rays or 3D imaging.

International safety and conflict resolution is often swayed by technology. By vastly improving defense design, target tracking, and computerized weaponry, light has proven to be critical in diverse military installations.

How people communicate is inherently connected to sight. Due to this, devices such as cell phones, tablets and smartwatches have significantly altered how people interact. Additionally, all of these products utilize optics.

At United Lens Company (ULC), photonics relates to several aspects of our product offerings. Our team designs and manufactures optical solutions that serve various industries, including aerospace, medical science, telecommunications and more.

Advancements in optics have persisted over hundreds of years, and IYL 2015 is a celebration of the world’s growth. ULC is proud to support IYL 2015, and we hope you will also. SPIE invites you to learn more about the International Year of Light with this short video.

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International Year of Light