ULC Expands Capabilities with OptiPro Machine Acquisition

New OptiPro PRO 160P Expands Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

United Lens Company has acquired a new OptiPro PRO 160P, a high-speed spherical CNC polishing machine, in order to expand its polishing capability and better serve clients. This addition to our fabrication process allows for deeper vertical integration as we create some of the leading mirrors, prisms, windows and other optical components.

This acquisition makes United Lens the only company to offer access to the PRO 160 series, which debuted in October 2015 as the first of its kind. Rapid prototyping at high volumes is one of our biggest benefits to our customers, and the new OptiPro PRO 160P helps us to expand on this promise.

The OptiPro PRO 160P

The PRO 160P from OptiPro is a high-speed spherical lens polisher that works with pieces up to 160mm in diameter. The PRO 160P uses a vibration-isolating granite core in order to achieve greater precision, thermal stability and accuracy across multiple parts.

The improved graphical user interface is designed to provide faster development and setup with four custom, chainable process cycles. The model also includes a heightened slurry changeover capability in order to maintain a clean environment while quickly moving between jobs.

Customers can also expect to see additional benefits from the PRO 160P including:

  • Polishing of a wider range of optical materials at angstrom-level qualities, thanks to the utilization of slurries and polyurethane pads in multiple combinations.
  • Time reduction due to programmable tool correcting and truing in radius, sag and fringes on the polisher itself.

United Lens’ acquisition will ultimately provide customers with improved turnaround times, along with increased quality and throughput of plano and spherical precision optics.

The United Lens Offering

United Lens offers a variety of debris shields and optical coating solutions for multiple industry applications. We deliver optics polishing with consistent, unsurpassed accuracy, thanks to precision molding and machining capabilities, which we’re pleased to expand with the introduction of the OptiPro PRO 160P machine.

Contact us or view our product offerings to learn more about United Lens’ ability to provide optical components of almost any quantity in sizes ranging up to 18 inches in diameter. All of our work meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and is designed to maximize quality for customer usage.

You can also request a custom debris shield from United Lens to ensure that you have a product designed specifically for your application to your specifications.

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OptiPro CNC Polishing Machine Acquisition