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Engineering.com, a worldwide aggregator of leading industry voices, recently featured United Lens Company (ULC) in an article about laser optic protection. The article recognized ULC for its innovative debris shields and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) laser cutting protection solutions.

OEMs in automotive, medical, military, and commercial industries use laser techniques to precisely cut, weld and drill their products. Though widely used, these processes create harsh environments with hot waste, stray dust and debris that can endanger expensive optical equipment. To protect equipment and prolong service life, OEMs rely on debris shields.

Debris shields, also known as cover slides, protect the surface of high-power refractive and reflective optics by deflecting debris that would damage the optical surface. Debris shields must be replaced periodically to ensure proper protection, as significant scratches will scatter the laser beams. Individual cover slides can last hours, days, or weeks, depending on the application.

ULC supplies debris shields in a variety of diameters, thicknesses, materials and coatings to customize the optimal solution for each OEM. Using reverse engineering capabilities, ULC will identify and create the right debris shield to optimize durability, transmitted wave front (TWF) distortion and reflectivity, all while protecting the manufacturer’s invaluable optical equipment.

“Manufacturers wouldn’t want to proceed with cutting and welding without protecting their expensive equipment,” said ULC Sales Manager, Tara King. “Our primary function is to make sure that we are able to manufacture these things quickly, efficiently, and have them on the shelf for when people need them.”

When it comes to protecting laser optics, ULC is your one-stop shop. With almost a century of optical instrument expertise, we can custom tailor any debris shield to your specific needs and applications. For more information about our laser protection capabilities, we invite you to read the Engineeering.com article and download our eBook, “Guide to Debris Shield Manufacturing and Procurement.”

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