ULC Promotes Aaron Choleva to Training and Development Specialist

At ULC, Aaron Choleva is best known for his approachability. Whether he’s providing education to others or learning from them, Aaron exudes a calming presence that others revel in. In many instances, Aaron was the first impression of our company—his passion for helping new employees find their way is truly unique and admirable. His efforts within the company have earned him a promotion to ULC’s newest Training and Development Specialist.

Early Life

Aaron was born in Manchester, Connecticut. He was homeschooled through high school and made a point to engage in recreation activities with others his age. He showed a fondness to organized sports. He loved playing baseball and excelled because of his commitment to teamwork.

After completing his high school education, Aaron then attended Eastern Connecticut State University. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and put his education to immediate use as a social worker at a group home for troubled youth. Aaron worked at the group home for nearly three years, and though he found the work rewarding, it was also extremely stressful.

Looking for a new career path, Aaron soon joined the Air Force Reserves. During basic training and technical school, he was able to attend classes to further improve his technical skills.

Starting Out at ULC

Aaron first heard about ULC through a friend and applied for the position of Technical Writer. The hiring manager took notice of his interpersonal skills, and Aaron was asked to join the company on January 2, 2018.

He started off writing in-depth work manuals for employees, but that quickly evolved into much more. Aaron began taking the lead on projects like incident reporting and reworking the company’s extensive engineering archives.

After his many successes within the company, Aaron was promoted to Training and Development Specialist and reports directly to ULC’s COO. This position involves taking new employees through their onboarding process and acclimating them to training procedures, safety regulations and other ULC guidelines.

Life Away from Work

Aaron is an avid sports fan and loves to root for his favorite teams—the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. He also enjoys running and hiking, and still commits time to work with the Air Force Reserves—he trains as a radio specialist two weeks per year and one weekend every month.

Aaron is always the first person that new employees interact with when they onboard. This is a great fit for Aaron, as it harkens back to his social work and the skills he learned in college. His goal is to keep learning and to create more efficient systems for our company and continue to advance within the company.

He really is a wonderful addition to our team, and we are fortunate to have him be the face of our company for new employees. Congratulations to Aaron Choleva for becoming ULC’s Training and Development Specialist!

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Aaron Cholva