ULC’s Guide to Precision Machining

At United Lens Company, we offer precision machining services for optics. We have the capacity to produce a variety of different optical shapes, including cylindrical, flat, prism, spherical and rectangular optics, as well as asymmetrical and uniquely shaped optics.

We machine several different optical materials, including fused silica, fused quartz, ceramic, optical glass, filter glass and low expansion glass, including ZERODUR®, ULE®, BOROFLOAT®, and CLEARCERAM®. We can also work with customer-supplied materials.

Using either materials from our expansive inventory or materials that you choose to supply, we can produce a wide range of optics using various cutting-edge techniques. Our machining capabilities include CAD/CAM, multi-axis, CNC controlled and multi-spindled, while our machining capabilities include holes, curves, slots and pockets.

We also boast advanced machining process capabilities, including prism-generating, curve-generating services of ±5 microns, wire saw slicing flat within .002 inches (which we can also make tighter upon client request), centerless grinding, core drilling, fine rod polishing, band saw slicing and water-jet cutting.

At ULC, we offer specific expertise in custom wafer blanks. Using one of our six wire saws, we cut and shape these wafers up to 12″ square with thicknesses from .015″ to .400″. With their smooth, uniform surface finish, wafer blanks are ideal for items requiring double-sided polishing.

Our wafer blanks are used in a variety of different applications, including microminiaturized devices, labs-on-a-chip (LOC) devices, refractive and diffractive optical elements (ROEs and DOEs) and wafer-level packaging (WLP).

As a result of our cutting-edge technology and expansive capabilities, the experts at ULC are able to provide optic precision machining for a range of different applications. Our optic precision machining services are used across a wide variety of sectors and industries, including medical, aerospace, and telecom, among many others.

For more information about our capabilities, please contact us.

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