United Lens Company Now Accepts Online Orders

With launch of new online catalog, ULC now accommodates ordering products online!

We are proud to announce that effective immediately, all of our standard products will be available to order online via our new online catalog. As we continue to celebrate our 100th year in business, ULC has made customer-oriented improvements and community outreach initiatives.

The new online catalog is a state-of-the-art, highly secure platform integrated seamlessly into the existing website. It is designed to drastically improve the customer user experience, making locating and ordering products easier than ever before.

Debris Shields

ULC’s online catalog includes offerings from our stock product lines, laser debris shields and test plates/mirror blanks.

Laser debris shields, sometimes known as cover slides, are essential for the proper functioning and longevity of any number of laser processing systems. Used to shield laser lenses from all manner of pollutants and contaminants—dust, shrapnel, shavings, and so on—ULC laser debris shields are currently available in 50mm, 55mm and 134mm diameters.

High power laser mirrors, used to direct the beam of a laser, are available in diameters of 25.40mm and 50.80mm, and with angles of incidence (AOI) of 0º or 45º.

Witness samples from ULC are excellent for spectral performance measurement and environmental testing. They are available in low expansion varieties using more than 185 different materials, including fused silica and fused quartz, and have refractive indexes ranging from 1.400 to 1.799.

Round Colored Glass

Manufactured using SCHOTT optical filter glass, ULC colored filter glass is 3.00mm thick and available in both square and round varieties.

Test plates and mirror blanks are available from ULC in a wide variety of configurations: standard thicknesses include 19.05mm, 25.40mm, 34mm and thicker; standard diameters range from 25.40mm to 406.40mm.

The new online catalog provides an updated, user-friendly platform, making ULC’s products—all of which are made in America without exception—easy to find and order. Same day shipping is available for all in-stock items ordered on the site before 1:00pm EST and, with the industry’s largest on-site stock of raw material, ULC can ship non-stock items nearly as quickly.

Place your first order—visit our new online catalog today!

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