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At United Lens Company, we are dedicated to shared success. When we’re successful, our customers are successful, and we are continuously committed to improving our capabilities to ensure everyone success. This means strengthening our capabilities by investing in the right equipment and continuing to drive efficiencies in every step of the manufacturing process. Our six wiresaw machines are a large part of the continued efficiency in our precision blank machining department.

In the optics industry, the blanking operation is one of the most important steps in the production process of the finished product. This operation includes the slicing of fused silica, glass, and other materials used in the industry. If not cut correctly using the best available equipment, material loss and additional processing costs can add up, severely affecting your bottom line.

Wire-sawing significantly reduces material loss at multiple steps, saving time, money and material. This also means that subsequent steps such as grinding, lapping and polishing can be minimized.

Check out our quick video for a sneak peek into our wiresaw process.

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To ensure you are getting the finest finished products, it is important that you find a company that has not only been in business successfully for a long period of time, but one that offers a wide variety of services. Over the past 100+ years, ULC has grown from a small molding operation to a fully integrated manufacturer of precision machined blanks, polished and coated optical components.

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