ULC’s Guide to Optical Polishing

United Lens Company (ULC) is a one-stop solution for polishing, grinding and finishing custom optics.

We boast high speed polishing capabilities for single sided, double sided, spherical and cylindrical lenses on a range of different materials, including fused silica, fused quartz, ceramic, optical glass, filter glass and low expansion glass, including ZERODUR®, ULE®, BOROFLOAT® and CLEARCERAM®.

Our highly trained staff operates state-of-the-art machinery, including the OptiPro PRO 160P, and tests each component to ensure every product matches our customer’s exact specifications. We perform pad polishing and pitch or continuous polishing for smooth surface finishes on any volume of optics.

At ULC, we offer polishing services for a variety of products, including:

  • Laser debris shields
  • Fine ground lens blanks
  • Lens blanks
  • Mirror substrates
  • Polished rods
  • Precision optical flats
  • Wafer blanks
  • Wedged flats
  • Windows

As one of the most prominent and well-respected optical component suppliers in America, ULC has the expertise and experience needed for the highest quality, most precise optical polishing. We can handle surface finishes as low as 3 Angstrom RMS and offer both ground finishes and diamond machined edges. We are also equipped to handle surface flatness to 1/20 Wave P-V and a thickness tolerance of ±.0005 inches.

Polishing eBook

At ULC, we know that both precision and quality are critical when it comes to optics polishing. Our cutting-edge technology, in conjunction with our expertise, allows us to deliver components of unrivaled quality and consistency.

Download our guide to Pioneering in Polishing to learn if spherical or curved surface polishing is right for your optical needs.

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